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"It is our right and responsibility to create a new world. We are all protagonists of what might be called the great turning, the change, the new economy, the new world" 

- Adrienne Maree Brown "Emergent Strategy"


Manhattan Theatre Club

Stargate Theatre Company

Stargate Theatre is MTC Education's "theatre company within a theatre company" which hires young male-identifying individuals who have been involved, or are vulnerable to involvement, with the justice system to create and perform and original Off-Broadway play.

2021 Project Associate

2019 Intern 

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Sometimes Art House x Alternatives for Girls


Led by Audrey Matusz and Camille Thomas the Sometimes Art House X Alternatives For Girls Collaboration was a 12-week language arts workshop where AFG participants were tasked with creating their own "best friend" trope. This process started with broad discussions about racism and sexism in American media; in conjunction with practicing decoding, synthesizing and analyzing popular relationship memes from Instagram and Twitter. Through the 3-month program, participants were asked, in various ways, to reflect on "what kind of friend" they are. This conversation was inspired by the "Black Best Friend" trope commonly used in Western media.

Michigan State University 

Through the Storm

THROUGH THE STORM is an original theatre piece conceptualized by Camille Thomas and Molly Bennett.

this show takes a critical look at sexual assault, domestic abuse, and the different phases and stages of healing after trauma. 


Vocal, dance, and performance vignettes invite audience members to feel their own grief, anger, and optimism out in the open, along with the cast on stage.

A drawn photo of two hands intertwined in the sky along with the title of the show "Throug
A picture of several women + Non-binary actors on stage wearing all black
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Michigan State University 

East Lansing High school Collaboration

A collaborative devised project between Camille Thomas and East Lansing Highschool's Black Student Union.  This production uses theatre to address themes of intersectionality, structural inequality, and racism.

More Teaching Artist work

Partnership with Children Center for Arts Education  Teaching Artist

Apollo Theatre Teaching Artist

Dreamyard Teaching Artist

Playdate Theatre Company - Teaching/Guest Artist 

New York Society for Ethical Culture - Guest Artist 

Harlem School of the Arts Assistant Teaching Artist

Michigan State University - Transforming Theatre 

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A picture of Camille Thomas on the Playdate Theatre Company website
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